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Somatic Healing, pacific ocean, columbia river Astoria Oregon, Clatsop County

I began my professional journey in British Columbia studying the movement of the body with an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology.  From there I deepened my application of body movement becoming a massage therapist/body worker and have worked in the field for the last 9 years, studying an array of modalities to promote balance and ease within a client’s body. After having the opportunity to work with thousands of bodies, I felt the desire to meet my clients in a more holistic and integrated manner. Realizing physical and mental ease depend and influence each other directly, I continued my graduate studies at Naropa University studying counseling, mindfulness, and transpersonal psychology. It was through this education and my private bodywork practice I could not ignore the prolific nature of trauma in our society.

As an avid body enthusiast, I was delighted to learn current research indubitably supports the effective approach of somatic based therapies when approaching trauma healing. I narrowed my focus in the healing arts by deepening my concentration in trauma. I am concluding my advanced year in Somatic Experiencing, a 3-year intensive trauma and nervous system training to effectively work with clients therapeutically using a somatic approach to promote wholeness and regulation.

I also believe through my experience as a bodyworker, safe therapeutic touch is exceptionally important in a healing journey. Hands on embodiment therapy deepens its effectiveness, and emphasizes the felt sense of being within our bodies. Through the years of training in practicing many modalities I have found Craniosacral therapy stands out as an affective touch therapy for body/mind integrative nervous system healing. My preferred approach to nervous system healing encourages clients to engage in both Somatic Experiencing, Craniosacral therapy and bodywork during our work together.


Beyond my professional journey, I am an avid traveler and adventure seeker. Coming home to my nervous system has allowed me to trust my impulses, feel the freedom to pursue my dreams and experience them with a full sense of aliveness. For me, this is one of the greatest rewards of this work.

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