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The following offerings are intended to help you build connection to your body and a relationship with your whole self. Let's discuss what your body, mind, spirit need and curate an approach together. 

Somatic Experiencing

  • Embodiment Coaching  

  • Somatic Therapy

Stress, Overwhelm, and Trauma of all kinds live within the tissues of our bodies. This can leave us feeling dis-regulated, triggered, frantic, shut down; not our full, alive selves. Connection and trust to our internal experience can feel lost. Somatic Experiencing is a mindful therapeutic process encouraging you to orient to your internal experience and build a relationship with your body and nervous system. You will become more familiar with how the body speaks and build capacity to listen and be with your internal wisdom, re-establishing a sense of TRUST from within YOURSELF.  Together we will encourage your natural state of flow, reacquainting you with the empowered sense of your aliveness and freedom that has always been yours to live. 

This can be approached through embodiment coaching or a more therapeutic approach identifying disruptions, traumas, or experiences current or past that want to be seen, witnessed, and integrated. 

Craniosacral Bodywork

Using gentle touch and specific supportive holds, Craniosacral Work is an evolution out of Cranial Osteopathy: craniosacral rhythm, orientation of bones, and nervous system. During a session I will be supporting and adjusting the craniosacral system and rhythm (cranium/sacrum and flow of cerebral spinal fluid). Furthermore, deeply listening to the whole being; attuning to the quietude and internal resourcing within the body as well as holding patterns around parts of ourselves that are contracted.

I hold and coax the nervous system into balance by supporting the internal resources within your body. For within a supported stillness, a familiar essence of being is remembered and wholeness, ease, and flow are reintegrated.

Athough gentle cranosacral is a deeply effective physiological approach, the meninges (connective tissue within the brain) encompass the spinal cord and innervating nerves, thus, a client’s whole fascial system is interfaced by these supportive holds and cranial manipulation.


 Therapeutic Massage is an effective approach to body awareness, embodiment, and nervous system balance. Listening to your specific physical and emotional needs, we tailor a relaxing and therapeutic approach to healing and wellness that is appropriate for you. 

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